I'm a lesbian and genderdoe, I use any/all pronouns. I'm a Stay, Blink, Insomnia, Midzy, and Once. I don't stan any groups, but am a casual listener of most groups. I'm also a writer.


You're homophobic, Transphobic, racists, and if you don't hold you faves responsible.


Pronouns: Any/all
Age: 17
Sign: Libra

kpop, anime, lowercase letters, reading, writing, jrockvegetables, toxic fans, (...)phobic people, tomatoes

Groups and artists I like

stray kids, blackpink, twice. dreamcatcher, nct (all units), txt, red velvet, (g)i-dle, mamamoo, itzy, aespa, pixy, bugaboo, kard, clc, loona, everglow, weki meki, kep1er, ive, purple kiss, momoland, rolling quartz, stayc, ace, superm, alexa, iu, sunmi, chungha, jessi, jeon somi, hyuna, kim woojin, taeyeon, hyo

Non-kpop- 4eve, taylor swift, conan gray, ashnikko, icon for hire, band-maid, doja cat, lil nas x
amber liu, dua lipa, skydxddy, cloudy june, chanmina, 5sos, kaachi, melanie martinez

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